DevOps is a feature of Sitesquad Flagship Service, our on-demand help desk for Magento merchants. With DevOps, we empower you to work with Magento freelance developers from leading talent sourcing providers at the best rates. We provide the workflow glue that makes it easy.  

Simple, effective way to run your Magento store development manages your development operations so that you can rely on a myriad of developers and service providers in a productive, flexible and cost-effective manner. Frontend developers, backend programmers, hosting companies and other application service providers. is the glue that holds the whole ecosystem, together.

How it works

  1. We implement a Git workflow process for your store.
  2. We help you source and integrate developers into the process.
  3. You work directly with developers in the service desk.  
  4. We deploy developer work to your stage and live servers.
  5. We mediate and offer support when needed or designated.  
  6. You're billed directly from your talent providers for developer work.
  7. We bill a flat monthly fee for workflow management and our hourly fees.  
  8. You expand and contract your developer bench as needed.

See Service Features and Scope below for more details.


Improve developer quality.  
You work with Magento developers qualified from leading talent providers.  

Improve diversity.
Work with multiple developers specializing in frontend and/or backend work.

Reduce developer spend.
Work with developers at the best rates or on-demand without retainers.  

Maintain order.  
Take advantage of multiple developers without chaos.  

Maintain flexibility.  
Start and end engagements with developers, easier.

Maintain source code integrity.  
Put your store in a modern Git and GitHub software workflow.  

Maintain order and security.  
All deployments for Staging (automatic) and Production (live) managed by us.

Enjoy redundancy.
Get back up support direct from Sitesquad when needed.

Avoid agency and developer lock-in.
Separate and own your workflow.

Service Features & Scope

Git workflow management
We implement and manage the Git/GitHub workflow used by all developers. We're responsible for all deployments comprising your store developments, updates and fixes to your Stage and Production servers. Stage is used to review developer work prior to deployment on your Production (or "live") site.

Central service desk portal is a common service desk, powered by Atlassian Jira. Access to is available to all employees and 3rd-party partners applicable to your work requests.

Developer sourcing
We help you source developers from talent providers like Toptal and Jarvis Cole. We tender the requisitions and advise you on potential candidates. We help you expand and contract your team of developers as needed.

Direct on-demand support from Sitesquad (billable)
When needed, we jump into the workflow to execute work requests, ourselves. We can also provide consulting to developers. Our work executions are subject to billable fees, but our scope of support covers all Magento consulting, troubleshooting and development.

Uptime monitoring  
We monitor store uptime and respond proactively to downtime alerts. We serve as your primary technical liaison to your hosting company and other third-party services.

Pricing DevOps, included with Sitesquad Flagship Service, costs $279 per month for Git/GitHub management, monitoring and developer sourcing, plus on-demand billable time (at $35 for every 15 minutes) for work requests you designate to us for execution.  

Call Todd Simmons at 412-353-9321 for more details.