Magento 1.x, 2.x., design, frontend, hosting and more.

What's your specialty?
Software engineering and development that brings to life custom features in your Magento application. These are custom features which are not easily sourced from off-the-shelf extensions. In tandem with these skills, it's not unusual for us to find ourselves as point for overall day-to-day application support.

Do we build Magento 2 stores?
Yes. See From Roy, a unique, simplified frontend with backend customizations.

Can we migrate Magento 1 stores to Magento 2?
Yes. See Elbow Chocolates, a long-time Magento 1 merchant now on M2.

Do we still do Magento 1 development?
Yes. See Miniature Market and DeLallo.

Do we do design?
No, but we can help you source design and co-manage design projects with you. If you're looking to reduce setup cost and time-to-market with Magento 2, you can forgo custom design and have us execute more modest design customizations to a Magento theme (see From Roy).

Do we do frontend development?
Yes, frontend programming in relation to our deliverables and dependencies with backend development and application support. We are amenable to collaborations with other frontend partners, as well.

Do we do hosting?
No. We've retired from doing that part of the business. However, we help our clients source and manage their hosting resources as there is a complex relationship between Magento and the underlying systems it runs on.  

What does a custom Magento project cost?
Classic question, no definitive answer. Presume Magento 2. Here are some considerations:

  • < $20,000: Configuration & Go
    Projects with merchants who are serious about establishing a solid foundation for their eCommerce endeavors by getting to market quickly with Magento, its base features and default frontend design.
  • $20,000 - $60,000: Modest Customization
    Projects with merchants who entertain a mix of standard functionality and customization to frontend UX design or backend functionality. Simpler migrations from M1.
  • $60,000 - $100,000: Ambitious Customization
    Projects with merchants who need extensive customization to the frontend UX and backend functionality. Complex migrations from other platforms or M1.