Unfettered, day-to-day service for Magento 1.x and 2.x.

Consulting, debugging, integrations, custom development, workflow management, patches and upgrades. On demand, no monthly retainers required. $12 for every 5 minutes of time allocated to helping you do whatever you need done with and for Magento. Non-exclusive, first-responder or supplementary to other developers and agencies.  

Scope of Service

  • Magento troubleshooting
  • Magento administration + configuration
  • Magento custom application engineering + development
  • API service integrations
  • Theme updates and changes
  • Third-party extension installations + deployments
  • Magento upgrades and security patches
  • External service coordinations + consulting (e.g. hosting, CDN, firewall, email)
  • Developer sourcing and onboarding
  • Magento 1.x support and stewardship (read more)

Service Features & Benefits  

  • No retainers, on-demand fees
  • Day-to-day ticket response
  • Git / GitHub software application management
  • Non-exclusive workflow for developers independent of us
  • Uptime monitoring and EMS response


  • Low monthly usage for occasional work requests
  • Extreme customization needs - see Methods
  • Higher usage for weekly work requests or even daily deployments
  • Supplemental service and backup to existing developers

Read more about Sitesquad for the historical context of our Magento support and be sure to check out the FAQs.

Call Sitesquad at 412-353-9321 for more details.