Running your own eCommerce software is empowering, but it's a tall order to manage all that comes with that choice. We play a critical role in performing backend custom development and application support for merchants running Magento.


Sitesquad was founded in 2008 and within a year was solely focused on Magento application services. Today, our focus remains on the essential backend development and support merchants need on a day-to-day basis when running their Magento 1.x and 2.x stores.


  • Principal Locations: Pittsburgh and Exton, PA
  • Historical Focus: Magento 1.x, Magento 2.x, micro services
  • Emerging Focus: Micro services, headless eCommerce services
  • Clientele: $1m-20m ambitious eCommerce merchants
  • Client Spend: $1k to $10k per month


  • Magento advisory consulting
  • Magento custom application engineering and development
  • Magento administration and configuration
  • Magento troubleshooting and debugging
  • Magento software upgrades and security patch installations
  • Web service integrations and optimizations for Magento
  • Workflow management, Git/GitHub Version control
  • Hosting consulting
  • Project management and solution sourcing


  • Owner-operator eCommerce merchants
  • Magento 1.x merchants looking for long-term support beyond 1.x EOL
  • Ambitious startups building from the ground up
  • Emerging B2B/B2C eCommerce stores in the $1-$20 million range
  • Merchants who do NOT fit into SaaS solutions
  • Merchants using Magento for large catalog & future eCommerce
  • Magento merchants interested in micro service evolutions

Flagship accounts

Miniature Market, a gaming company.
DeLallo, producer of Italian foods.
Christopher Elbow Chocolates, an artisan chocolate producer.
From Roy, creator of an iconic panettone.

See Sitesquad Flagship Service and read the FAQs.