Sitesquad Flagship Service provides application support and development for Magento 1.x and 2.x clients.

$279 monthly subscription, plus billable hourly fees for on-demand ticket response and support at $40 for every 15 minutes. No hourly retainers required.

Service Features

  • Magento support ticket response Monday through Friday
  • Workflow + deployment management with Git / GitHub
  • Unlimited service desk seats for employees and partners
  • Uptime monitoring and EMS response
  • Liaison support for third-party services
  • Slack collaboration

Scope of Billable Support

  • Magento troubleshooting
  • Magento administration + configuration
  • Magento custom application engineering + development
  • Theme updates and changes
  • Third-party extension installations + deployments
  • Magento upgrades
  • Magento security patch installations
  • External service coordinations + consulting (i.e. liaison hosting support)

Extended Service Options

  • Continuous integration & development
  • Performance monitoring
  • eCommerce project management


  • $279 / mo. for workflow management
  • On-demand development @ $160 / hour
  • CI/CD retainers negotiated


  • Low monthly usage for occasional work requests
  • Frequent usage for weekly work requests  
  • High usage for daily development and CI/CD


What is the $279 fee for?  
It provides monthly access to us for on-demand support ticket response and service on a day-to-day basis. It is not a retainer. It does not cover billable time for executing ticket service, but you are not obligated to commission any minimal hours of work in any given month. Secondarily, it covers value intrinsic to the aforementioned Service Features, e.g. workflow management, monitoring, 3rd party liaison support, Slack collaboration.

What is billable beyond the $279?
All Scope of Support, in 15-minute increments at $40 per.

Call Todd Simmons at 412-353-9321 for more details.